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Has this happened to anyone? Post Colposcopy abdominal pain

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Has this happened to anyone? Post Colposcopy abdominal pain

Hi ladies, 

I am happy I found this forum because I am at my wits end. On July 31, I had a colposcopy with two biopsies done. I've had them done in the past and right away (this was a new doctor), I recognized that I was in more pain than the past procedures. My new gynecologist said he had to be a little "rough" because my past biopsies were coming out as "inadequate samples." A week following the procedure, I continued to have something that I can only describe as a "dull" pain in my abdomen. I called my gyno saying that something wasn't right, and he thought I might have a UTI and prescribed me Macrobid. FYI I had ZERO UTI symptoms other than abdominal pain. Fast forward two days letter, no alleviation but just worsening in abdominal symptoms, I went to the ER. The hospital did a CT scan, blood test, urine test, ultrasound and found nothing. It was so frustrating because I know something was not right. I decided to follow up with my GP who agreed something was not right and he said I might have a pelvic infection (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) and changed my antibiotics to Metronidazole and Doxicycline. Now, over two weeks post colposcopy biopsy and with my antibiotics almost finished-the pain is STILL there. The pain is uncomfortable enough that I have not been able to keep up with my daily activities. It is in the right side of my abdomen and almost feels like it moves around. At times it's in my lower abdomen, at other times it's in my upper right or upper middle abdomen. 

I'm feeling so hopeless because nobody can seem to be able to give me an answer about what is happening to my body. If any of you have had any similar experience please let me know. 

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