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HELP. LLETZ so painful, now no pain!?

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HELP. LLETZ so painful, now no pain!?

Good morning, just wanting help from anyone who’s had a LLETZ.

Long story short, I had HPV with no CIN last May, then by September I had CIN 1, now by January I had CIN3, turns out I’m in the 2% where the staging rapidly progresses faster than the usual decade long timeframe. Have been told by the specialist if my dr didn’t ignore there protocols I would definitely have cancer, and she has saved my life (I was supposed to go back September this year to check on CIN 1, as the protocol with CIN 1 is to wait a year and re do colposcopy, but when I went in January, 4 months after the CIN 1 diagnosis, my dr ignored there protocol and re did pap, leading to more biopsies and another colposcopy diagnosing CIN3).

anyways yesterday I had my LLETZ under local, and my goodness it was excruciating. I had extra anaesthetic and they waited for it to kick in, yet I still felt everything at the Center of my cervix as they cut away.

heres my question, I’m now in no pain! I had it yesterday afternoon, and now all I feel is a bit of burn but can walk fine and sit and everything!? With my biopsies every time I have been in a lot of pain after, unable to walk properly or roll over in bed at night for the first two days. But this which is much larger, no pain!?

now I am worried! When I left the hospital yesterday o was in so much pain I almost vomited and was trembling and had to stay back for monitoring. But now nothing!?. Does the pain with LLETZ kick in a day or two after the procedure?? I’m worried because I’m going to go to work today after having it late yesterday afternoon, I just don’t want the pain to kick in while at work and have to let my team down and go.

please any advice would be amazing xx

May ‘18- HPV pos.

Sept ‘18- Colposcopy & Biopsy

Oct ‘18- Results CIN 1, repeat smear Sept ‘19.

Jan ‘19- Early Rpt Smear due to Pain. Results CIN 3.

March ‘19- Colposcopy & Biopsy. Results confirmed CIN 3

April ‘19- LLETZ

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