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High grade CIN

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High grade CIN


Hoping for some help 😫 and an outlet!! 

had a biopsy done in October following an abnormal smear where they reported High grade CIN and HPV. The rexults came back inconclusive 😖 

A follow up was scheduled for May, obviously cancelled due to corona. 

I have been chasing for re scheduled appointments without any luck. I've now decided to go private, in the hope I'll be seen quicker but will still have to wait until August at the earliest. I had a virtual appointment and they agreed chase for concern but nothing they can do to speed up appointment. 

we were due to get married in April and also obviously cancelled and re booked for December. We were hoping to try for a baby. 

im going out of my mind with worry.  

Has anyone had the same results and what happened? anyone in the same position?

Thanks so much 



I am in a smiliar situation , i had my 2nd lletz procedure June 2019 and after a failed attempt of a smear in January i have been waiting for a referral to the hospital. My referral was cancelled due to covid and i have been chasing my doctor up over the past week about it. Today they rang me to say they have emailed the hospital to ask and are awaiting a reply. It has now been a year since my lletz. Hopefully our persistance pays off!


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