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Hope it helps someone out there.

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Hope it helps someone out there.

Hi guys. I’m new here but I just wanted to help out anyone who’s scared or feeling a bit lost before a colposcopy. 

First the obligatory “English is not my first language, and we have really good doctors here”  

One day before I went into my first colposcopy I was told it was the worst thing ever, nightmare scenario with fainting spells and all the cool stuff you want to hear before going in...

My first colposcopy, the one that confirmed my CIN1 with abnormal endometrial cells, I have to say that it was somewhat uncomfortable. I’ve a “small” and strong vagina so my doctor had to use the Xtra small speculum (you know, the plastic frágil one that can break if you have a contraction). 

I had blood smears for about 4 weeks and yes it I did have cramps and weakness afterwards.

well fast forward to last week when I had my CO2 treatment (with conization) and I have to say it did not hurt. Ok it’s very uncomfortable yes, and yes she had to use a bigger speculum, but I did my best to relax, meditate and NOT LOOK AT THE TV that showed the whole process. 

Afterwords I asked: so when will I feel the pain, when will the lidocaine stop working so I can be prepared. Well guess what: it’s been a week and I had no bleeding, no pain and virtually no discharge (the small scans are appearing now). 

I know everyone is different, but somethings are the same: if you’re tense it will be worse. Try meditating before going in and when in there try and go to meditation. It will keep your body still (according to the doctor and nurse that helped a hole lot and made the procedure much easier) and time will pass quickly. 

So chin up girls! We are so much stronger than we think we are. Relax and trust your doctor, the healing process might become easier and if you’re lucky like me, absolutely painless. 

Love to you all. And a big bear hug to anyone in need. 



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