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How long did you wait to have bath?

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How long did you wait to have bath?

Hi All 

I had a colposcopy, biopsy and cautarisation of cervix 12 days ago. 

My question is, is it now safe to have a soak in the bath? 

I’m really not enjoying showering and would much rather a bath... 

It doesn’t really say much on the NHS form I got given. 

What does everyone think? 



I was told 4 weeks due to the risk of infection hun. X

4/4/19 - Smear

8/5/19 - letter stating CGIN. LLETZ same day under LA

4/6/19 - letter stating no clear margins. LLETZ under GA booked

6/6/19-LLETZ under GA

24/6/19-letter stating no CGIN, but HPV changes still present. Follow up smear in 6 months. 


I was told 4 weeks and I did wait 4 weeks - it felt like forever.


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