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How many times can you have a bad smear result?

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How many times can you have a bad smear result?

Hi ladies, 


I had a bad smear in 2013 (first smear) age 25 had lletz and then on my follow up smear was all clear 


I had my smear test 3 weeks ago age 32 the hospital called me before I even received my results and I went in the next day to have a LLETZ (on my birthday ☹️) 


I am now waiting for the results 


so wandering is there many of you that have bad smears a few times? And if so how many times can you have them before they do something more serious to stop it happening

Will they do more than 2 rounds of LLETZ? 

obviously at the moment the NHS is under huge pressure and I'm guessing I will be waiting a while for my results and didn't want to bother my doctor with questions 


thank you so much in advance 

Frankie xxxxx


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Apparently your age is the factor. During my last routine exam, things were abnormal, but because I was in my 20s, they just wanted to keep an eye on it.

This recent routine exam was abnormal also, and now being in my 30s, they are sending me in for a coloscopy. My doctor told me they do the biopsy if they're looking in there and see something they need to check.

I would imagine that it may be a yearly thing if the paps are continuing to come back abnormal. Personally, I find that reassuring, because I'll want to know that everything is still okay, despite being abnormal. 

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I've been having a mix of good and bad smears for the last 8 years. I had a high grade hpv. I've recently had my 3rd cold coagulation (went for this as I've not had children so didnt fancy the lletz). It happens where the treatment may not have got it all but as long as your being checked regularly then you should be ok. However, should this time not work for me I will be looking into different avenues of treatment to ensure I get rid of it all. 

September 2011 - smear back - high grade hpv

Cold coagulation done

High grade HPV still there

Cold coagulation done again

Smear test abnormal but no hpv

Year later another smear - fine

Waiting nhs guideline of 3 years

Smear done - abnormal cells and HPV type 16

Cold coagulation done again

Smear due in 4 month


8 year process all in - 1st smear aged 21 (had a full body medical which included smear)

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