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How much does it hurt after Lletz?

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How much does it hurt after Lletz?

Hi everyone,

I have my colposcopy and most likely Lletz on Wednesday for high grade severe dyskaryosis. I'm so scared :( but very glad I found this forum, it's great to know I'm not completely alone. 

I'm wondering how much it hurts after the Lletz? Will I be out of action for a few days or can I carry on with life? I'm 32 and have a baby and toddler, so hoping it's not going to be too awful!



Sorry you are feeling scared. I was too - it's understandable.

Reading on here, there seems to be a huge variation. For myself, I didn't really feel much pain at all. My vulva felt a bit bashed about and I had very slight period like pain for about 24 hours (although, I might not have noticed if I hadn't been expecting it it was so mild)

My main issue afterwards was feeling knackered - mainly from the emotional trauma I think. The day after my lletz was my day off work anyway but I would have probably rung in sick if it wasn't. I was back at work the day after that, still feeling a bit drained but fine to work really. 

This is just my experience though, everyone is different.

Hope it all goes ok for you



Hi lovely 

I completely understand. I was very scared and nervous too, but the forum really helped me.

The actual procedure itself was a lot less traumatising and painful than I thought it was going to be. I was in pain afterwards - diarising painkillers and using a hot water bottle and bled for about 2 weeks. The pain wasn't excruciating but it was uncomfortable to sit. Spent a lot of time laying on my sofa bed. I had mine on the Tuesday and wasn't back at work until the Monday (had two days off sick and a holiday day). Very lucky I'm working from home as wouldn't have been able to go in otherwise. Too exhausted. I feel fine now (physically at least) - 4 weeks after my LLETZ and felt fine to work normally about 2 and a half weeks afterwards. I had mine under GA and had to have a lot taken out which is probably why my recovery time was slower. I know others were back at work the next day. I would try to plan for at least a couple of days of taking it easy if you can. Get some childcare if possible. Hopefully you won't need it but helpful to have if your recovery is a little slower, like mine was. sending you big hugs 💕


I had mine done yesterday. 
I was a wreck, I was shaking! 
honestly it's ok, the injection in the cervix is meh, u get period type pains. But that soon ends and u feeling nothing, the lletz is done very quickly and then it's over. 
I was shaking so much, apparently that's the locks anaesthetic...don't rush to get up, take ur time. I felt faint end bit sick...again it's the local (told it was common).

Iv had a bit of bleeding but it's been ok, nothing major.

bit of pain here and there. 
I would say I'm emotionally drained more then anything, it's been a bit of a journey.




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