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HPV but no CIN?

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HPV but no CIN?

Hi guys,

So i had severe abnormalities reported from my smear test so was referred for a colposcopy. The nurse doing the colposcopy  said that she could only see mild changes at the most so she took a biopsy. I've just had my results which says that although there is HPV present there was no CIN which to me seems surprising given my smear test result? Has anyone had this before? The letter said they'll be in touch with a care plan so I'm not sure what the next step is? 


Hi Sarahphilips86,

I had something similar - my pap result indicated high changes and signs of early cervical cancer but my GP referred me to a Gyno to do a colposcopy and biopsy as she said the smear was only a screening tool to indicate what may be there and the biopsy was a diagnostic tool. When my biopsy came back there was no sign of cancer, just CIN3. I asked why there would be a difference in the results and the Gyno also reiterated what the GP said - biopsy is the diagnostic tool and they do this to get the actual results of whats going on. In your case you are positive to HPV but this has not had any affects on your cells. I think the general plan for that is to just have a follow-up smear in 6 months time as most times HPV can disappear without any more treatment. 

Hope that helps answer your question xx 

27/4/19- Pap Smear- CIN3 squamous cells and adenocarcinmoa in situ. 1/5/19- Colposcopy - pap smear actually indicated cancer -  2x biopsies taken, will be referred for MRI and CT. 8/5/19- Colposcopy results - just CIN3 of squamous cells  10/6/19- Cold Knife Cone Biopsy and Endocervical Curettage. 14/6/19- CIN3 squamous cells successfully remove, clear margins. No involvement of glandular cells as first indicated in pap smear. No further treatment needed. Follow-up with 6 months pap smears.

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