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HPV pos severe dyskariosis

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HPV pos severe dyskariosis

Hi This is my first post . Just wanted to try and find some support and reassurance from you lovely ladies . I've recently had my smear result HPV positive and severe dyskariosis . I'm up to date with my smear tests with my previous tests being normal until this one . I don't have any cc symptoms and my periods are like clockwork. I'm booked in for my colposcopy on Thursday and I'm so nervous about it . I suffer with health anxiety so this is my worst nightmare . 

just wondered if anyone else had these results and how you got on . Also how you coped with the anxiety side of it and the worry . 

Thank you 

LBec xx 


Hi Bex1234,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious, I can complete empathise! As you are up to date with all your smears I think you should feel reassured. This is exactly the situation that the screening program is designed to catch. The whole point of it is to catch issues, and threat them, before any chance of cancer developing. Cervical cancer generally takes years to develop. Plus, not all abnormalities will develop into cancer. So I hope you can feel confident that you are in the system and the system is very thorough. You may need treatment but the treatment is very successful.

Good luck with it,






Hi  Dreamland 

thank you for the reassurance it's made me feel more at ease . 
thank u xxx 


I was up to date with my smears too and on cin 2 on the last. Looked lower on smear and colposcopy though. Probably having a leetz. 
This virus sometimes seems to be quite speedy :( 


Age 55

first HPV positive and abnormal smear test (borderline) January 2021. Definitely a new infection from the last 4 and a half years 

Colposcopy seemed low risk

Biopsy showed CIN2

I have been told verbally I will have LLETZ, though waiting for MDT on 7th April  Might be  about 2 weeks after that.

well 7th didnt happen-14th now 


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