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HPV positive and low grades dyskaryosis

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HPV positive and low grades dyskaryosis

Went for my first smear test in March and got results back in 2 weeks. My coloscopy has been postponed to September/ October due to coronavirus.


Has anyone else had this?

Anyonce slightly worried?

Ali B

I went for a smear in February and got results back in March the same as yours. I have no idea how long I will have to wait for a colposcopy- so frustrating and worried that things will get worse.

I'm cross that everything is cancelled because of covid. 


I went for a smear test in March and it took 8 weeks to get my results of HPV and low grade dyskaryosis. It took another two weeks to recieve an appointment but now have that for the end of June! So I guess I have one earlier than you but it took a lot longer to get results. Short answer would be that things are probably happening on different timescales depending on the region you live in (I'm North East) but I'm sure you will get seen! I also know of some people who have moderate/severe changes who have been seen within two weeks so just try to remember that you would be seen if it were more urgent and things are very unlikely to change between now and autumn! But I definitely understand your frustration - I'm finding it very hard to wait even until end of June (hence why I am on this forum haha...).

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