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HPV18 and CIN1

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HPV18 and CIN1

Hi Everyone, 

I was diagnosed with HPV 16 and 18 about 4years ago. I was 29years old.

I had a colposcopy and results were CIN1. My doctor suggested that no treatment was needed and we should monitor closely coz I was still considered young and hopefully my immune system could fight HPV away. Since then, I have been eating very healthily and exercise 4,5times a week. 

1year later, HPV test came back all clear. No more HPV. 

1year later, I took a HPV test again. Pap smear was negative but HPV showed HPV18. 

I did a colposcopy test again, no abnormal cells. 

6months later, colposcopy results showed no abnormal cells too. Doctor did not do HPV tets, coz he said HPV will still live in my body forever. 

Just last month,  I visited him again. No HPV test done, so I do not know what strains still exist. So, all he did was a colposcopy test and results shows CIN1. He says HPV 18 is still in my body. How can be he so sure that it is HPV18? 

He suggested me to do a LEEP procedure and hopes my body will fight away the remaining virus after that and also the chances of recurrence after LEEP is very rare. Coz the HPV virus likes to reside on the cervix area. Once LEEP is done, reccurence is unlikely. His concern is that I have high risk strain HPV18 and there is a possibility that it could progress to CIN2 and CIN3. If it were other strains, he wouldn't suggest LEEP and will prefer to observe and monitor closely every 6mths. 

4years ago, my body was able to fight off the virus.
Now, I am 34years old. I am single and even though I do not have plans to have children, I don't wanna do the LEEP if possible. I am hoping that my body could fight off the virus just like the last time. 

I am confused now. I do not know if I should go for the LEEP procedure or wait to do a colposcopy again in 6mths time. 

Is there anyone here who could give some advice or share your experiences?

Thank you.


I feel like I’m headed in the same direction as you.  HPV shows up positive on and off, colposcopy was negative, now I’m 34 and pap is abnormal + HPV and I have to go for another colposcopy.  I was never told the specific strain though.  I thought most tests are not that specific.

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