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Hvp - abnormal cells - biopsy

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Hvp - abnormal cells - biopsy

Hi everyone,

ive had hvp showing for the last three years. In Jan my cervical screening showed I now had low grade changes. I went to my coloscopy yesterday (the first time I've had one) and she kind of confirmed I had abnormal cells and took a biopsy. I wasn't expecting them too...which was upsetting.

ive seen that some people get treated on the spot or told more than I was! So I'm unsure if this is a good or a bad thing. Does anyone else have any similar experience? 

I think waiting 4-6 weeks will very hard.



Hi Stephanie, I have experienced exactly what you have. I went for my Colposcopy on 6th Feb, had a biopsy taken (wasnt expecting it either) and I am still waiting for my results. From what I can gather, they often treat you there and then when CIN 3 is confirmed and there are obvious changes. My Consultant explained she thought mine was CIN 1 or 2 but seemed shocked when nothing showed up on previous smears which didn't make me feel great. I am not an expert though and I am only going on what I have been told. Sorry I can't provide further support on the anxiety part, I am currently the same. Hopefully you won't be waiting too long. R X


Hello, yes I also got the impression it could be cin1/cin2! As she mentioned its possible low but mixed with high grade. 
It's hard not to worry!! Fingers crossed for us both it's positive news.

Mine was normal last year (but with hvp showing) so I would hope it couldn't be cin2 already but who knows.





my appointment was like this too . I had hpv no changes last year and then this year I had hpv still and high grade ( moderate) dyskaryosis... I expected to have treatment on the day . I didn't , the doctor told me before she had even looked that it was the colposcopy and a biopsy and then I would be called back to discuss whether to leave the cells  as they may clear up themselves , or have them removed . 

she didn't say anything about what she saw except that it all "looked good" . I actually went to the extreme of looking up government guidance for colposcopy ( yes I'm a little paranoid ! ) . 

From what I can make of it they can "see and treat" but there are guidelines . Removal there and then can be justified if they can clearly tell that the cells are CIN2 or CIN3 or if they can see signs of anything invasive then they can treat there and then . If under a certain amount of the cervix has cells or if they aren't certain that they are CIN2 or CIN3 and could be lower then they take a biopsy instead and this is to save women being treated when they don't need to be . This doesn't mean that it's bad if they are treated there and then - it just means it's clear that they are the level detected by the smear - it also doesn't mean it's bad if they aren't it just means they aren't certain that it is as much as the smear said so want to make sure . This isn't definite advice it's how I've read it , but it does make sense . It also makes more sense to me because the doctor was talking about 70% of cases women naturally get rid of these cells which I thought was the case with CIN1 only ( which mine is moderate ) and my doctor told me that I was graded as high grade because they weren't sure so said high grade to be safe . 
So I'm wondering if they are checking they aren't CIN1 before talking about treatment . 

Others on here have said to me that if in doubt they grade up and that the fact a doctor who sees cervixes every day has decided that this one didn't need treatment ASAP is a good thing . So try not to worry 😊 sorry this was long but I'm so anxious and know what it's like so if I can try to help someone feel less anxious I really want to xx 

23/03/20 - smear result - hpv positive . All previous smears clear. 

09/02/21 - smear result - hpv positive + high grade ( moderate ) dyskaryosis. Referred for colposcopy. 

16/02/21- colposcopy and biopsy . Awaiting results 3-4 weeks . 

04/03/21 - biopsy results in , CIN2 confirmed . Treatment booked for 23/03/21


Thanks for your message and update.

That does make sense, I was hoping for some reassurance that all was ok on the day and I didn't get that. As you will understand yourself! 

I also wonder what strain of hvp I have! But I thinking it's best I don't know or I might be stressing further.



Thank you lovely , your reply last week definitly made me feel better too! I hope good news for all of us girls - will keep each other posted (pardon the pun) I am now on week 3 and feels like forever x


Hey guys how are you? any news yet in the post? Week 4 now and feels like forever ago I had the biopsy! the anxiety!!!



Hello, I'm good. How are you?

I'm week 4 on Monday, I'm still waiting as well.

I went back to exercising last week (probably too intense) as I've been having some bleeding again, like the first few days after the biopsy. Other than that. All good.

You should hear back soon! Let me know? X

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