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I am 34 years old i have 3 beautiful kids i have been attending the Colposcopy Clinic for 3 years as my smears have always showed iv had abnormal cells! At the very beginning i had CIN3 which realy shocked me and i thought id cancer it wasnt explained enough or mayb i didnt ask enough questions! I had my last Smear November 2019 i had a colposcopy appointment yestarday i was told i needed a hysterectomy Im in total shock im scared and i just feel after its over im never gona b the women i used 2 b again!

Charlene Devlin


Oh my goodness what an awful shock. How many LLETZ treatments have you had previously? I am also 34 and have 2 lovely girls. Had my second colposcopy today but it wasn't first LLETZ treatment. The dr told me there are only a certain number of treatments they can do before I will need something else "hysterectomy"- this has scared me. I don't know why but my smears are often abnormal . Have you seen a surgeon? What is the timeline ? I hope you are okay x 

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