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Hysterectomy booked

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Hysterectomy booked

So in September I was put on the waiting list for a hysterectomy due to constant abnormal smears over 3 years. They said it would be 6-12mths but closer to the 12mark and that I would need to have another smear in that time. I went for my smear on Wed 5th Feb, I put it to the back of my mind thinking I had another 6ish mths before my surgery. I get a phone on Friday 14th that my surgery has been booked for 19th!! Im so not prepared for this lol, I knew it was happening but I just thought I had a bit more time. But now I'm thinking is there a reason it's being done so quick after my smear? Or was it just a coincidence that they happened so close togather. Guess I will find out on Wed, has anyone else had it happen like this? What was the outcome? I guess I just over think all this everytime


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