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I’m Worrying.. Anyone else had abnormal cells 6 months after treatment?

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I’m Worrying.. Anyone else had abnormal cells 6 months after treatment?

Hello all, so this time last year I was having my first colposcopy after an abnormal smear result.. results from colposcopy were inadequate, second one done a month later.. called back for more biopsies as they was unsure if CIN 1 or 2, so another one done and they decided they was more near a 2 so I had the LLetz treatment, had my 6 month follow up smear last week and called today as showing abnormalities so need another colposcopy.
I felt sick after the phone call, was hoping all this was behind me.
Going to worry for the next two weeks until I go for colposcopy and then to wait for the results.
Anyone else been through the same? Thanks for reading

C Bates

I just went through the same thing. 

LLETZ in March 2019 for CIN3
Follow up- good, clear margins from surgery
2nd Pap-good
9 month Pap-Abnormal cells
Colposcopy- CIN 2?!?

I thought the same thing at first. WHAT.THE.HECK. I thought the Lletz surgery was the end to this gynecological nightmare. 

After speaking with my doctor, she did say that she would not perform a second procedure (lletz) this year. Possibly in the future, but would like to take a “wait and see” approach as even CIN2 can clear. Also, multiple procedures can have negative effects on pregnancy and carrying to term.

Although there may be surgery in my future, she did reassure me that she hasn’t seen any cases of CIN1-3 progress to cancer under her care. It still doesn’t ease the anxiety of knowing this isn’t over, as I had hoped.


Know that you are not alone, a lot of women are going through this. It completely sucks but the upside is that you went to the doctor, and they are now able to better monitor the cell changes to avoid cervical cancer. Hang in there!



December 2018- Colposcopy CIN3April 2019- Lletz - Clear MarginsDecember 2019- Abnormal PapDecember 2019- Colposcopy CIN2 referred to oncologist. Scheduled Cone Biopsy March 2020- Biopsy reshceduled, COVIDSeptember 2020- Cone Biopsy Scheduled

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