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Inadequate Biopsy Result?

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Inadequate Biopsy Result?

Hi Guys, 

Wondering if anyone has shared similar experience to me and looking for some advice. I had my first smear at 25 and it came back with HPV positive and mild changes so I was called in for a colposcopy. 

Anyway I have been going yearly for the past 3 years - always getting the same results. The last colposcopy I had was in December last year and I have just received the results through the post - it really doesn't give any information at all and just says Colposcopy: CIN1 and Cervical Biopsy: Inadequate. 

Then it just says you have been discharged refer back to your GP in a year? I don't want to bother the NHS at the moment as I know they are all super busy but I am slightly confused about the inadquate biopsy results. She took two samples of my cervix and neither were able to be tested? Is that what it means, should I be following up for further tests?! 


Thanks guys! 



Hey! All I would advise is to call the colposcopy clinic and ask them about it, they should be able to give you more in depth details over the phone :)

1. June 2016 - Smear test age 25, results normal. 

2. 7th December 2020 - second smear test, age 29, 18 months overdue (never again!) 

3. 17th December 2020 - smear results high grade pre-cancerous cells (severe) 

4. 18th December 2020 - colposcopy and lletz treatment 

5. 11th January 2021 - lletz results CIN2 and CIN1, clear margins. Follow up smear in 6 months. 


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