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Inconclusive results

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Inconclusive results


i just had my second colposcopy which was a follow up to the first. My GP just texted to say they have been told the lab couldn't process the results of my smear test so I need to book another smear for 3 months time. I've just called them to say it was a colposcopy and biopsy and they say they know but the lab couldn't get the results. I just don't understand why it keeps being inconclusive and why it's fine to just have a standard smear and not repeat the biopsy and colposcopy. Does anyone else have any experience of this? 


Hi Amy,

I don't have any experience of this but I would ask for a call with your GP to ask the question. Fingers crossed for you all is ok XXX 

Wilms tumour, full left nephrectomy and chemo 1991. Full remission 1993

Abnormal smear, HPV detected 29.01.19

Colposcopy 18.02.19

Lletz procedure and biospy 11.03.19

CC diagnosis 21.03.19 Adenocarcinoma Stage 1 

25.04.19 Further Lletz and laprascopic lymphadenectomy

October 2019 - NED :) 

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