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Intercourse after cold coagulation (TMI)

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Intercourse after cold coagulation (TMI)

Hi ladies, 

I had the cold coagulation procedure done nearly two months ago. The nurse said no intercourse for 3 weeks but my doctor had said, if everything was fine, sex after two weeks was also fine, she also said "but you didn't hear that from me". Maybe because what she said was on my subconcious, I gave into the heat of the moment and had intercourse after 2 plus weeks (5 days before it was 3 weeks). It was one of those heat of the moment things (not looking for judgement here), it was slightly painful in the beginning but okay after because I self lubricate pretty easily. After this, we waited until 3.5 weeks to restart again. 

Didn't think much of it as things went to normal. I didn't use tampons for the first period after the procedure, only on the next one and first time experienced some soreness. 

Now I have random spotting (very less) but this has never happened to me before. I am a bit worried if my cervix didn't heal or maybe the CIN2 is back and am really regretting my heat of the moment! :( 

Should I see the gynaecologist for another examination or biopsy? Would they do a biopsy before 6 months anyway? 

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