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Is it safe to leave low grade cells for 12 months

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Is it safe to leave low grade cells for 12 months

I'm sure I'm being really dramatic here but I went for my smear on the 1st July which came back hpv+ and low grade cell changes so I was referred for a colposcopy. That was yesterday and they said since it was only low grade they would leave them for 12 months and then do a repeat smear test at my gp surgery. I asked then if it was fine to wait 12 months and was assured that if they were to progress into cancer it would take around three years anyway so no risk to leave but I feel like I'm going to be looking into every twinge for the next year!!! I was glad she chose not to do a biopsy at the time but I'm now thinking it would have provided reassurance. 
I guess I'm hoping someone else on here with low grade abnormalities has been told the same thing so I can rest easy! 

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Hey hun.

CIN1 they usually leave as it can return back to normal. CIN2 & CIN3 they tend the deal with.

I wouldn't panic as you are in safe hands now and if they thought you needed it treated they would have done so! I had a CIN1 result in my smear beginning June referred for a colposcopy and had 3 biopsies done. Ended up being CIN2 I am now at end of this month having a lletz procedure xx


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