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Just found out I will need cold knife conization

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Just found out I will need cold knife conization

I'm so nervous. Never had an irregular pap before. My last one was 3 years ago. Yesterday my doctor found a large polyp on my cervix during my pap and referred me to women's health thinking they could remove it. It was very large and vascular and all the gyno felt comfortable doing was taking a biopsy. I bled a lot and am still bleeding but not uncontrollably. And now I wait for up to 2 weeks for the biopsy result. The description in the clinical notes was that it was extremely large and my cervix appeared grossly abnormal and was very friable. It's going to be hard to keep my mind off all the what ifs while I wait. 


Hi Nikki,

my situation is different to yours but I completely empathise with you with the waiting game. I had an abnormal smear, I then had Colposcopy and biopsies. The gyn. Was confident there was nothing but was very thorough. 
my biopsy came back as cells appearing to be "invasive malignancy". I was then booked in for cold knife cone biopsy which I had Monday. Do not be scared about the procedure itself. I only had sedation, don't remember a thing. Have been in discomfort but nothing bad at all. 
The worst part it waiting for the results. It's absolutely awful. Stay as positive as you can and refrain from googling as you will for sure find a way to diagnose yourself with the worst thing possible!

You will be fine, stay positive and I'm here if you need to talk :)



Thank you for the positive outlook. I did Google and it was not a good idea. When are they expecting your results from the cold knife biopsy? 



yeh google is not good! Im a nurse too but I've been googling even though I know better and google- itis is a thing!

My results will be 7-10 days apparently. I went private so I'm not sure how that differs from NHS. I imagine quite similar given if the margins don't come back clean, further treatment is required.

The waiting is the worst.

If you have any questions or need to vent/ stress to someone who understands, send me a message :)



Everything will be alright, keep your faith stronger, you will be alright :)  


Got my results back and it's benign but the doctor is concerned about the size and vascularity of the lesion so she's referring me to a gyn-oncologist because they can check whether it's cancerous in the OR so I wouldn't have to wait for the results and then they'd know right away if they got it all. So I'm not out of the woods and I'm still scared but feeling a little more optimistic. 

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