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Just started bleeding

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Just started bleeding

Hi, I had the lletz on 16th August and have just had the stomach cramps until Friday just gone when I noticed a pinkish tinge. I'm anxious about how much blood to expect, it's also when my period is due but I've taken the pill back to back.

I'm a bit concerned about venturing too far from home in case of having a bloody mess to deal with when out and about but the lack of exercise and general low mood is brinign me down now.

I know we are all different but I live by myself and am stuck in my own thoughts!


Poor you! It's easy to get stuck in your own thoughts, isn't it and for some of us exercise is really important for our mental health. I realised that without cycling, i had no idea how to occupy myself!

All women recover differently but I can tell you how it was for me if it helps.

I started bleeding on day 7 and it was about as heavy as a normal period and lasted 6 days. After that, a brownish discharge for another week - panty liners only needed, nothing at night.

Exercise wise, I did a 5 mile walk on day 5 and returned to cycling to work (slowly!) on day 7 - 5 miles each way.

Returned to my normal cycling after 2 - 3 weeks starting with flattish routes of about 30 miles. Not before then, mainly because you can't put a sanitary towel in cycling shorts!

Hope that helps a bit and that your mood improves. Like a lot of women, I found my emotional recovery harder than my physical one.


Thank you. Yes I definitely need to be out running to boost my mood. I've been going out for walks but it's not the same and I'm really missing swimming in the sea as I've really got into that this summer.

I've got so many emotions going around and thinking all the what ifs and buts which I know isn't healthy but I haven't got anyone to talk it through with. Knowing it's still a waiting game until the next set of test results come through is playing on my mind.

Thank you for replying :)


I can’t offwr anything useful..... but hugs xxxx

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