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LEEP is done

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LEEP is done

I just got home from my leep. Wasn't too bad. Had spinal anesthesia. The hard part was adjusting my body on the table after the spinal kicked in. I'm super fat so it made it awkward. 

The Dr told be before the surgery that I don't have cancer. She said it three times lol. then after the surgery the nurse came to see me with a message from the Dr saying there was no cancer. I want to be happy at the same time I want to wait for the biopsy results. The Dr prolly has seen a lot of cancer though and probably knows what cancer looks like. 

I'm just relaxing at home now with my 2 kitties. Got some fast food for a treat.

She said my results should take a week.

ASC-H pap results

LEEP to be performed on September 17, 2020

September 20, 2020 LEEP done. Dr said I didn't have cancer. Waiting for results.

LEEP results are CIN3 all margins clear. No cancer. ECC was negative for SIL or cancer.

I go back for another smear in 6 months.

I have not had a pap in about 15 years.

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Hey Angela,

So glad it all went well and they could reassure you! Try not to panic waiting for results. I know that's not easy as that's always the worse part.

If you need any advice on recovery etc... then just message x

Aged 31

June 2020 - Smear confirmed CIN1

July 2020 - 3 biopsies taken at colposcopy

August 2020 - Biopsy results confirmed CIN2

August 25th - Lletz procedure... Awaiting results

5th September - Recieved my Lletz results. Originally was CIN2 but Lletz results show CIN1. No further action require but must attend a 6month smear at my GP.

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