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LETZ procedure then more abnormal cells

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LETZ procedure then more abnormal cells

Hi I had my moderate cells removed via the LETZ procedure in December 2018. 

I then had my follow up smear in June where they have yet again found abnormal cells.

Im still awaiting my colposcopy despite waiting 7 weeks just for the appointment letter which I still haven’t recieved.

Has anyone ever had cells removed then an abnormal smear straight away and what was the outcome please?.


Did your lletz come back with clear margins? 

I had a lletz and it came back with unclear margins and was rescheduled for a second lletz 2 wks later (yesterday). 


I got a letter after my LETZ to say the we’re confident they had got the cells. 

Then left me 6 months before inviting me back for a smear, this has then come back abnormal again 

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