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Hi I'm new on here but thought it's the best place to ask for help I had LLETZ done on tuesday the 7th of april... all that's been going in my head since is so I did have cancer and it's gone? And will i be the 10% that it comes back again :( I have 2 little ones and I'm 25 I try to hide my feelings about stuff like this to my partner and just said oh it's okay it doesnt matter but when I go back from it I rested but all today the day after it I'ce noticed I cant be stud up for too long as I get bad pains in my back in down below then the back pain just keeps coming and going. Having the implant in I dont get proper periods so when I get period pain its horrible... but I'm just worrying myself more of what could it be? I dont have a bad smell down below but just feels weird down their... could anyone give me any advice?



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