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LLETZ treatment. My story

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LLETZ treatment. My story

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum but thought my experience may be worth posting as I couldn’t find any posts when looking for advice for myself last week.

I had LLETZ procedure to treat CIN3. I had the treatment done under general anaesthetic as it was a large area to treat and it is very important to keep still for the treatment. A jump of jerk can be very dangerous using high voltage.
I left the clinic with low blood pressure but the nurse said it was probably because I was fasting so long. After treatment it hurt to pee, like I had a small stingy cut, the nurse said that can be normal.

I did not bleed in the first hour I was there in recovery however I started to bleed on the drive home. I live 30 minutes away and when I got home big clumps of blood came. I again thought this is normal because I was told some people bleed like a normal period and my normal period is heavy. I went to the toilet with blood soaked pad every 5-10 minutes and large clumps. I didn’t want o be a complainer so dealt with it for an hour then got scared and finally called the gynaecology department to put my mind at ease. She told me to go to my gp and they will give me a referral to them if I need one.

By the time I got to the nowdoc clinic I was bleeding through my maternity pads through my trousers down my legs and then it gushed all over the floor, the embarrassment was horrendous. She sent me to hospital where I was sent straight to theatre. I lost a lot of blood because the surgeon could not find where the blood was coming from. He eventually found a cut on my uterine wall. They burned it and stitched it up.

The doctor who initially treated me for LLETZ came to see me the next morning. He said while I was under general anaesthetic and he was treating me with high voltage I jumped. I almost jumped off the table he said. The general anaesthetic is done so you don’t move that’s why it is crucial however it was never mentioned to me after treatment that something rare happened to me on the table and I may be extra sore or extra cautious. I felt like when he told me I jumped and that’s why it happened that he was saying it was my own fault.

My experience was horrific, every time I stood up for days after I held myself scared I was bleeding. But so others know what is normal and what is not you should ALWAYS get checked if you are bleeding, especially on the same day. But what is normal for one person can be life threatening to another. The whole process from smear results forward is hard enough, if something feels wrong put yourself first and get checked ❤️❤️❤️

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