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Lletz under ga

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Lletz under ga

I am having it under general anaesthetic in thursday this week. To say I am terrified would be an understatement!!! Even thinking of writing goodbye letters to my kids!!!

very worried

how did you get on?



It was ok, needed to help to control my anxiety. 4 days post lletz and bleeding a bit now!! Just got to wait for the results, thanks for asking xx


Hey! Calm down. There is no need to be that anxious. I mean I understand, but trust me you're fine. Been there, done that. You have so many days ahead of you with your kids!!


July 2018- pap LSIL

July 2018- colposcopy: normal

January 2019- pap LSIL

February 2019- colposcopy: CIN2

February 2019- LEEP with CIN2 removed with clear margins

April 2019- pap: LSIL

May 2019- colposcopy: no major atypical cells, flat condyloma found (which I understand is a sub-set of LSIL)

November 2019-- normal pap and colpo. Check again in 6 months.

June 2020- HPV test negative. Normal colpo!

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