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LLETZ under Local or General?

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LLETZ under Local or General?



I have been monitered for the past year for high grade cell changes. They have got worse, in the last two biopsys taken and now I am being pushed to have the LLETZ procedure. I've been booked in under local, but I am absolutely terrfied of injections and although I've told them repeatedly I feel like that hasn't been heard. Now with out being able to have a person there as support, I don't know if I will be able to lie there while they inject me and do the procedure. I was going to ask about an option for General but again, there will always be needles involved! My anxiety is peaking and I feel totally unable to make the decision for myself, but also feel there is no one to talk to as my fears so far have been ignored. In my previous Colposcopy's the nurses have commented on how calm I am, because I make loads of jokes and everyone is laughing, but I also have silent tears running down my face, making jokes is a way that my anxiety manifests and I actually find the examintations quite traumatic and will need days to recover emotionally. Has any one else had worries like this? It's been going on so long for me now, that I am so on edge about it, and feel like I could burst in to tears at any moment. I have a deep connection to my body, am a survivor of sexual abuse and find it very hard to be examined and to trust people with that area of my body in particular. There's a massive part of me that feels like LLETZ is super aggressive and I've read a lot about women having years of recovary, sexually never getting back to normal. I'm told this is all psychological but I've read several studies that say it's not, and in america there are doctors who don't agree with it because of the nerve damage that can happen to the cervix. My doctor won't even talk to me about this. My mother also had a preterm labour because of a weak cervix and the baby didn't survive. I'm 32 years old and haven't started my family yet, so this is another worry. It's just making me feel massively out of control. I don't know what to do or who to talk to. I've been feeling like I'm overly dramatic because the results aren't saying cancer, but I've been having so many problems for years that I'm terrified that if I don't act now everything will just keep getting worse. 

I just needed to connect with women who have thrived past this, sorry for the rambling anxiety!

25/09/19 Abonormal Smear Showing High Grade changes - Symptoms of general pressure and discomfort, very painful and heavy periods, occasional bleeding after sex

04/10/19 Colposcopy- nothing on cervix, consult MDT

20/11/19 Colposcopy - MDT cytology says High Grade changes

19/12/19 Ultrasound- hemorrhagic cysts found but they decided not to investigate further

12/02/20 Colposcopy - punch biopsy taken, results say CIN II, decide to monitor

01/07/20 Colposcopy decided not to take another biopsy

23/09/20 Colposcopy - biopsy taken, histology shows CIN 1 II and III with Koilocytosis, Cytology shows severe dyskariosis

11/11/20 LLETZ under local booked 


Hi Nix,

I'm Sorry you are going through this. I am still currently waiting on my biopsy results post Colposcopy.

I just wanted to comment regarding anxiety as I also suffer really badly. I basically find having the examination intolerable. After many failed examinations I went to my GP and I was given (only to take on the day of the procedure) Diazipam. I took it about 2 hours before and it really did relax me as I was able to tolerate the examination and have the biopsy. I cried a huge amount when it was all over....with relief that I actually had it done as it's always really hard for me.

I am now awaiting results however I feel so much more relaxed knowing that should I need treatment I know I am.able to get support from my GP.

I hope this helps and you could talk to your GP about possible options.

Cat x

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