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Long Term Side Effects From LLETZ (LEEP)

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Long Term Side Effects From LLETZ (LEEP)

Hi everyone, 

I had the LLLETZ 12 years ago, and suffered really extreme side effects. I ended up losing my sex drive, sex became painful, and I had all sorts of other side effects. 12 years later I'm still trying to recover. 

I used to think LLLETZ was a minor procedure. I'd met loads of women who had it and were completely fine afterwards. Then I met another woman online who had similiar side effects as me. i found out through her that the LLETZ was introduced before any anatomical research was done on the cervix. Doctors were literally cutting into a part of the body without knowing if it had nerves in or not!

Now the up to date research shows that there six very important nerves connected to the cervix but shockingly, a lot of doctors still don't know this. Through talking with an expert who is doing research on side effects of the LLLETZ we learnt that LLETZ can cause damage to orgasm and sexual function by cutting into the nerves. Doctors performing LLETZ don't even consider this. 

Myself and the other woman were told that LLETZ involved removing 'just a few cells' from our cervixes, but I've since learnt that the LLETZ actually removes up to 2cm. We feel completely betrayed and misled by the medical system.  We understand that LLETZ treatment helps to save a small amount of lives, but we are deeply concerned at the stories we are hearing from women suffering from loss of their sex lives, chronic pain, and even premature menopause. We know that we wish we had been informed of these risks beforehand so we could make an informed choice about treatment options. 

We started a support group for women on facebook. If you are going through long term issues after LLETZ, and would like to join please send me a pm. thanks. 


Hi Katkin I also have had so many problems since I had my LLETZ in May 2016. Please would you add me to the Facebook page you mention? Please let me know what info you need. Best wishes, Lisajoy

I feel exactly the same. Lletz in 2015 infection instantly after. Severe lower back pain during periods. Heavier periods to the point im unable to leave the house for 10 days!

Low sex drive. I am soooo sick of it all.

No one told me it would be like this im 29 and literally feel in a rutt. X 


I would love to be able to join your group on Facebook. Please  let me know how I can join. I would love to be able to speak with other people who are going through the long term effects from a leep. It's been 8 years since mine and I'm still dealing with the sexual side effects from it.


I would love to join your group as I had my lletz done in January and haven't been able to get my sex drive back since it's causing so many problems in my relationship... I never thought it would affect me so much I feel useless 


Hi I just had it. I was practically sold this procedure as it’s best treatment for cin2 and that there are no side effects. I got infection straight after my entire body writhing in agony on my second lots of antiobiotics and been told to go to hospital if this carries on. I’m absolutely fuming and wish I had been explained everything. The procedure happened on Friday which I tried to make during week in case of complications to get to doctor and they wouldn’t budge! Please can I have the Facebook group xx

A smile is contagious 


I had my Lletz procedure on January the 2nd. I'm bleeding after sex which is embarrassing and depressing. Also my periods are awful. So heavy and painful. They were a breeze before. They are also irregular now. I'm glad my CIN 3 was removed though. Got my 6 month check up and re smear in June, so will chat to the nurse about it all then. Praying it all settles down and goes away!! So glad this site is here it's reassuring to not be alone. 


I had a lletz in April and haven't been the same since, despite always being so regular with monthlys and having literally zero symptoms since my smear and colposcopy. Felt so anxious ever since at every sign of irregular discharge and I've bled after sex too which has got me even more nervous about cervical cancer. It's awful. Only reading these has put my mind more at ease to know there are others going though it! Due my 6mths smear in about 8 weeks and weirdly- cannot wait! Would also like details of this Facebook group please, thank you x


Hi, Just come across your forum now that I am facing a 2nd Lletz. Had one 7 years ago for CIN3 cells and they showed me the piece of cervix they removed and it was around 2cm round. Ever since periods that are so painful painkillers don't touch it and I can't do anything for 2 days plus heavy bleeding that I have to visit a toilet every hour for 2 days and have to set an alarm twice in the night to change. Went right off sex and it hasn't come back and now am pre menopausal at 44. 

GP  tells me there are absolutely no side effects to a Lletz but if you read the small amount of medical research they don't actually know what the side affects are but suspect they are all of the above! 

I would love to join your Facebook page please 

Many thanks x

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