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Long wait for results

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Long wait for results

Hi, I'm new here and just looking for info because I don't really know what's going on.

I was referred for a colposcopy after my last smear test which had been overdue. I had been told at my smear that there was a back log and the results could take a while but 2 weeks to the day I had a letter with a hospital appointment for a colposcopy. The letter had said that my results were abnormal and I might need Lletz.

The 1st thing the doctor said to me when I walked into the appointment was that I was definitely having the procedure as I had severe high grade abnormal cells.

It has now been over 8 weeks and I haven't heard anything regarding results. I don't know whether I should just call or wait it out a bit longer for a letter. Tbh I don't even remember if they said I would receive results as I was in such a daze after the procedure. At first I thought no news was good news but the more I think about it the more I think I should have heard back.

Not really sure whether there really is an issue or if I'm just overthinking it all.


Give them a call, 8 weeks is a very long time and I was told that whatever they removed they will routinely send to the lab to test. I was told I would get my first set of results for biopsy in 4 weeks and I got them in just under 3. You've done very well waiting it out as I would be on the phone every week! 


I was literally obsessively checking the mail the 1st few weeks.   When nothing came I assumed I must have misunderstood as, like I said, I was in a daze.  I think I'll call in the morning.  Thank you 


I was exactly the same waiting for my smear results as I had already been sent to colposcopy before my smear results had arrived for another reason and had already been told I had abnormal cells! I hope everything is ok and feel free to message me if you want a chat! Still getting my head around using a forum, I haven't used one in like 15 years when the internet was just starting to become a thing! Sending positive vibes!! 


Hi there,  this is my first time ever using a forum. I had a colposcopy just over 2 weeks ago because my smear came back with HPV + and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. The appointment itself was horrendous, I had so many questions and told so much information that I don't actually know what was said to me. Most of my knowledge is from reading pages like this. When should I expect some results? Does no news mean good news or is it the opposite in this case. My smear results came through in 2 weeks. I'm just going nuts not knowing anything. Thanks H. Xxx


If you haven't heard from them in 4 weeks give them a call. I was told 4 weeks but got mine in just under 3 weeks over the phone. 

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