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Low grade dyskariosis + HPV

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Low grade dyskariosis + HPV



I had a smear test a couple of weeks ago and got my results recently - low grade changes and HPV+. Due to an autoimmune condition and immune supressant medication, I've had this result a few times and have only ever had 2 clear smears. I've also had some kind of procedure done before where they burned off cells. I therefore have yearly checks. 


With all the worry of covid etc I was praying I'd get a clear result this year and have one less thing to worry about, but it's time to book another colposcopy and deal with HPV again.


Any advice? How do people cope with knowing this? The HPV worries me more than the cells as I know they can get rid of those, but my body is clearly struggling to get rid of HPV. Is there anything I can try to do to help it? And what do I do about telling my partner about this? We've been together 2 years and he's already accepted a lot of medical things about me..this feels like too much and is worrying me a lot.

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