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MDT meeting

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MDT meeting



So 6months ago I had another colp showed CIN2, was called back on the 5th march for repeat smear and colp. 


When i I was having it done she said it didn’t look like cancer, and she took 3-4 biopsies, they don’t really hurt but this time they did. 


So so today I recieve a letter that was written on the 8th March. Stating, that the smear/biopsy slides have shown no serious abnormalities but she is requesting a review of the slides at the next MDT meeting. 

Does anyone had this before? 


im a little annoyed that yet again they haven’t told me exactly what they have found 

1/02/2017 - 1st Smear

14/02/17 - abnormal smear and positive hpv 

14/03/17 - Colposcopy & two biopsies taken - waiting for results 

May 2017- minor abnormality- repeat colp in 6months Cin1 

31st/08/2017 - Colp and biopsy taken 

9/11/2017 - Cin2, hpv still present. repeat colp in March 

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