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Me again

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Me again

hi all me again over thinking things again !!  Am due a biopsy tomorrow so scared am confused tho my smear was all good no bad cells but tht dirty thing hpv high risk showed  up !! Can I ask why they have to take a biopsy dose this mean they looking for cancer ?? My nerves are all over place I really can’t deal with this plus keep overthinking things like omg am to fat for them to help etc put weight on COs of the meds I take it’s playing over in my mind any one answer me this pls x


They have to perform a biopsy to check the cells. The pre cancerous cells are graded CIN 1, 2 or 3. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry. 

Please dont be concerned around your weight. They will be used to seeing everyone all shapes and sizes and this shouldn't have any impact on your treatment x

Borderline changes Jan 19

Moderate/severe dyskaryosis Jul 19

Colposcopy Aug 19 -no abnormality visible. Biopsy taken.

End Aug 19 pre cancerous cells. Awaiting treatment information.

LLETZ performed 10/9/19 - awaiting results


Thanks for reply so if u have precancerous cells wot then  

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If you have precancerous cells, various things can be done, CIN1 or 2, they may leave you to see if you body will get rid of the bad cells, so another smear and review in six months. CIN3 they will probably offer you a Lletz procedure to remove the cells.

Remember bad cells are Precancerous, they are not cancer. Its difficult not to worry and the waiting absolutely sucks, but fingers crossed everything will come back lovely jubbly x

Hpv and high grade dyskariosis

11.09.19 - Colposcopy biopsy taken

25.09.19 - booked in for LLetz

02.10.19 - CIN 3 from biopsy confirmed, lletz procedure carried out. Consultant stated will need more treatment and does look like a tumour

03.10.19 - MRI


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