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My LLETZ exprience

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My LLETZ exprience

Thought I'd update with my colposcopy experience.
I went today after my smear on the 19th Sept came back with abnormal cells
I am very very anxious with anything medical ever since having my 2nd baby almost 9 years ago 12 weeks early by section. My spinal wore off half way in which meant i had a general anesthetic, but it took, what seemed to me a life time for them to believe me.
So this morning I arrived for my appointment 25 mins early thinking I'd get time to sit and try calm myself down, nope got taken straight away.
Went into a room and the Dr, she was so so lovely, explained why I was there etc. Said there was 2 options today, a biopsy, or LEETZ!!OMG i freaked lol. Explained why and she was so reassuring. She said we could do biopsy but probably would need a LLETZ anyway in future.
Anyway she said lets go to room and see what I can see first and take it from there.
2 nurses came in too. 1 was training but my god they were angels, the 1 training held my hand the whole procedure!
So get undressed, heard the dr saying I was very anxious, got on bed, legs up. In goes the speculum, I always find that so uncomfortable and was already like omg this is going to be awful.
I said to dr, why do you always need to pee at these, she said you dont, its just pressure. I said what if I pee on you! She was like in 30 odd years its never happened lol.
At this point she's looking at my cervix and said straight away she could see what was causing the abnormal results and said in her opinion the best thing to do was the LLETZ
So as shes getting ready one nurse puts a cold pad on me and says thats to earth you lol.
Next 4 injections on cervix. 1st 2 were stingy, I won't lie, next 2 didn't feel much.
My legs started shaking and heart racing. Totally normal, nurse said just to breath
Couple mins later dr said ok time for LLETZ. Nurses spoke all way through. Did not feel a thing! Was done in seconds. I did have a bleed that took 10 mins to stop. Was a bit uncomfortable
That was it done. Worried over nothing. Do not look at the sample in the tub. Boak. I almost threw up lol
I'm sore tonight, cramps and cervix a bit delicate.
I am bleeding a fair bit so will call nurse tomorrow as she said I really shouldn't bleed alot?
Now to wait on results

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019

This is identical to my experience today! I forgot about the earthing patch!

I was told I could bleed for 3-4 weeks. I have the same, although blood always looks a lot more than it is. I hope you feel better soon. I had the biopsies four weeks earlier and I know I felt much better the day after after w good nights sleep! 



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It really wasn't anything like I imagined! Hope your not too sore xx

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019

Much better today! I hope you're feeling ok too! 

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