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My Story...I hope it helps other's.

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My Story...I hope it helps other's.

First a little background about myself...I am a 50 year old woman, never had a pap test done in 25 years with abnormal bleeding for about a few years due to fibroids and menopause...so here is my story! 

About 3 years back for the first time ever, I had a period with 5 days of spotting after period ended and another full blown period following the spotting...Having lost a mother to cervical cancer, I went to the hospital to check it out..I had a pelvic exam (hospitals don't do pap's), and a transvaginal ultrasound, to which I was diagnosed with fibroids and the doctor said that is what is causing the bleeding and with my age as I was 47 at the time.

3 years later, due to anxiety and stress in September of 2018, I was eating very little and got weak with heart palpitations...I went to my family doctor, and he ordered a CBC and heart test along with hormone test...At this point, I thought for sure it would be my heart or the hormone test that would show something...Nope, they were fine it was my red blood cells that were dangerously low...With that, my doctor said "you are bleeding from somewhere" do you have heavy periods, and I said yes the last 6 months they been really heavy and I have fibroids, he said 100 percent that is what it is...He sent me to a gynocologist for a pelvic and transvaginal to see the size of the fibroids...What comes next, I wasn't expecting.

In November, I saw the gyno for the first time and she took a biopsy on the uterus, transvaginal and pelvic ultra sound, pap test and pelvic test...during the pelvic she asked if I bleed after sex...At this point, I knew she saw something and fibroids don't make you bleed after sex

So move ahead 3 weeks later when results come in, I get a call to go for a colposcopy and biopsy...I wasn't explained anything about why I was getting this...So ya'll been through this and know where the mind goes. I go for that in middle of January...I asked do I have cancer and how high are the abnormal cells, she said won't know until the results come  in. 

Move ahead now to the end of January, I get a call to go for a leep treatment...By this time, I had done the research and knew what the leep treatment was for so I was a bit calmer knowing it isn't too back that it can be treated. 

Move along to February 8th the day of my leep treatment, and when she checked me out she said to the nurse, no I am going to give her another biopsy and then directly after she give me a pelvic test...She is a doctor who is very vague with her answers and doesn't say anything to  relieve her patients minds...At this point, I am scared again so I said how come its not getting done, she said we'll have to give you a cone biopsy as the whole cervix is abnormal...At this point, I knew she had enough info to tell me so I asked her straight out if it was cancer and she said no not that she can see

April 18th, I had my cone biopsy with GA...I saw her on May 2nd and there was no invasion, and no cancer with clear margins...This was music to my ears...I now just go back in 6 months which is in October...

so the moral of my story is ladies, get your PAP TESTS DONE LADIES...I hadn't had one in 25 years, and it could have been cancer with me..She said it would  have eventually turned into cancer...Last pap test I had 25 years ago was slightly abnormal and told to just go back in 6 mons and I never did..Mine was found by mistake when my doctor was doing a routine blood check, and if it hadn't have been for my severe anemic, I wouldn't have known...I thank God every day that I was found to be anemic (funny to say), but that saved my life..

I do have fibroids that has caused my abnormal bleedin, and she did a d and c to clean me out and since then my periods are not as heavy and my red blood cells  have raised and back to normal now. 

I know my story is long, but ladies, don't assume its the something else and not go to the doctors like I did, and don't self diagnosis yourself as I did myself...My family and friends kept telling me to go to the doctors and I  never did...I have severe anxiety that causes me to get weak and dizzy, so I thought that was my problem, it turned out I was severly anemic and just short of having a blood transfusion.  I haven't had a complete blood count in a few years as I never saw my doctor...I was too scared to go...That scaredness could have caused me my life if I waited until it was full blown cancer, and then with the symptoms, I wouldn't have known because the abnormal bleeding you get from cervical cancer is the same as the abnormal bleeding from the fibroids and I would have brushed it off. So even if any symptoms you get that you think is normal, it don't hurt to check it out..

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