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Need some advice please lovelies!

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Need some advice please lovelies!

Hey everyone, first time posting, just looking for a bit of advice and hopefully set my mind at ease.

I had my first ever smear test in January, my mum had to have precancerous cells removed just after I was born, so I was always a little aware something could come up. My results came back HPV positive and borderline changes to cells, I went for colposcopy and had 2 biposies taken. They didn't say anything about the severity of it but told me I had to go back in for treatment to remove the cells. 

I hadn't heard anything about my appointment so rang to find out, they have now booked me in for this Friday and have confirmed they have my biopsy results, but people I've been speaking to have said how odd it is that they didn't tell me the CIN level. Has anyone else had this happen to them and it's all been fine? I've been overthinking it since I thought about it and now thinking they may not of told me because it's more severe. I'm only 25 and I have 2 children so overthinking and worrying.


Thank you!

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