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Nerve Cut During Colposcopy?

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Nerve Cut During Colposcopy?

Good day! I had an irregular smear so I had to come in for a colposcopy. The doctor seemed rushed and she really handled the procedure in a rough manner. I had a little infection from sitting around in my bathing suit prior to and I guess one area (probably in the vagina) has a prune like appearance so she announced that she was taking a sample from there too. I had bleeding for 3-5 days, healed well, it appeared and the biopsy results are normal. HOWEVER, right after and still 8 weeks later, I have been totally BLOATED and I cannot lose any weight or get the bloating to diminish. The worst part is that about three weeks later, my partner and I were not having sex but I had and orgasm and I felt a horrible electric shock upon the finish! Never before had this problem. My partner tried it again 3 weeks later and the same thing. I think this doctor might have severed a nerve somewhere. Now the pain emanates from that area into my stomach. It's nerve pain. I have it my back and know it well. I have been blood tested for EVERYTHING. All normal. I spoke to the practice and they of course said its impossible as there are no nerve endings in the cervix. UM no, check out what the vagus nerves does. I made them recheck and there was a bruise on my cervix but no infection. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m afraid to do anything with my partner or use tampons but I am more fearful that this could be permanent nerve damage and bloating. So scared :( Thank you, Lebonne

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