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Nervous and frustrated

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Nervous and frustrated

I am due my 6 month follow up appointment tomorrow.

My period is 3 days late so literally going to start any minute.

I rang the hospotal today to see if its worth rearranging and they said no. If i dont start or if its light then they will go ahead. If its heavy in the morning then I need to phone and rearrange. 

This appointment has already been changed (by the hospital) so Id hate to delay it even more.

im just frustrated at my cycle, theyve been so irregular and heavy since my LLETZ. Im just hoping period doesnt show until at least tomorrow afternoon once my appointment is over. But sods law says itll show in the morning and be super heavy. 

Im nervous for the appointment. I dont even know if its a smear or colposcopy!? will it hurt? what will the results show?

I waited months for my lletz results so i feel like im in for a another long wait and its just torture already.


sorry for the moan, i dont know what im expecting in reply but needed to get it all down. xxx

Feb 2016 - First smear - clear

March 2018 - Started bleeding after intercourse, referred for colposcopy

May 2018 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies  - biopsy clear

30th May 2019 - Smear (still bleeding after intercourse)

15th August 2019 - High grade dyskaryosis

21st August 2019 - colposcopy and LLETZ to remove precancerous cells 

2nd October 2019 - CIN2&3 

February 2020 - Follow up smear

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