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Ongoing bleeding following a LLETZ - help!

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Ongoing bleeding following a LLETZ - help!

Hi all, 

New here so apologies in advance for asking a question I'm sure has been asked many times before...

How long is it normal to bleed after a Lletz biopsy? 

I had mine 3 and a half weeks ago, and had the standard 7 days of brownish discharge, then a full bleed which has continued ever since. My period was due during this time so that could be part of it. I've not been particularly worried but I spoke to the colposcopy dept today and they've recommended I go to A&E this week to get cauterised. I've been reading online that a 4 week bleed is possible and I don't want to go to A&E unless absolutely necessary as I've been shielding due to a health condition and feel like it's a risky time, especially in our area. 

Have others bled for this long? It's not a worrying amount of blood - just a regular-light period flow - but it is bright red. 


Just had some bits of me cut out with a Lletz. Still not sure what this is all about. 

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