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Pain in lower back and abdomen +hpv+cin2/3? Kids Mentioned.

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Pain in lower back and abdomen +hpv+cin2/3? Kids Mentioned.

Hiya everyone I'm 33 years old and have a 3 year old son. I'm a single mum with no assistance from my son's father. When I went for the coloscopy in Whittington hospital last Wednesday I came back scared and confused. While the nurse was doing the test she looked nervous and wanted the doctor to have a look but he was on a break. The assistance nurse comforted me by telling me that she has seen worse. However when she swapping my cervix liquid with some white came out! I asked if it was cancerous she said that she can't tell what is behind the cervix!. I asked her how bad it was she mumbled medium without giving me eye contact. I was given an operation on the 14th. I also have lower left abdominal and back cramps. I'm nervous and suffer from anxiety and depression. Please sisters give me some advice please I'm going crazy! Marian

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