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Pelvic floor exercises

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Pelvic floor exercises

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. I'm wondering when is ok to do pelvic floor exercises after lletz? I have an elvie trainer which is inserted and then you squeeze it for 2-5 minutes per session, is it the same rules apply as a tampons etc... 

I feel like I have some weakness from surgery but it may be my imagination 



To prevent infection risk it's advisable to wait until all bloody or watery discharge has stopped before inserting anything into your vagina.  I stopped getting discharge at 3 weeks 4 days and we were a bit naughty and had sex before the 4 week mark with no ill effect.  Give yourself time to heal then you can get back on those pelvic floor exercises x

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  • 12/1/21 Cervical Smear Results CGIN
  • 26/1/21 Booked for Colposcopy
  • 25/1/21 Colposcopy appointment cancelled 
  • 27/1/21 Colposcopy LLETZ procedure for CGIN.  Size 12 loop 1cm depth.
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  • 12/04/21 Clear Margins.  Recall for smear in colposcopy clinic in September. 

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