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Period after biopsy?

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Period after biopsy?

I had my first smear test in early June and got called back to go back to have a biopsy 3 weeks ago. Awaiting the results but just wondering if it is  common to have a delayed period after a biopsy. I’ve never had a late period and it’s a week late now so a bit confused if this normal after it?


It could be...It could also be stress as you were called back for a biopsy...You may not think you're stressed, but the body can go into stress mode causing you to become late...This has happened to me...Due to my fibroids I have, I always get early periods and heavy periods, and when I went through biopsies, coloposcopies etc, I was a week late too and even longer. I was surprised by that as I thought through her checking me out that she did something in there to cause my periods to be late. lol I think it was stress mode as now that I went through all the biopsies, colposcopies and now just waiting for my 6 month followup, my periods are back to normal...Funny how the body works eh? lol 

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