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Period after LLETZ

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Period after LLETZ

Hello, I had a LLETZ procedure done 5 months ago and my period still ain't back to normal . 

The colour is a brown/black colour and can last up to 25 days and is super painful, I went to one doctor who said its fine but it really doesn't feel fine, I just want to be not in pain all the time

Am I the only one with this?


I dont have much experience as I've only had one period since. If something doesn't feel right then continue to visit the GP. You know your body better than anyone. Good luck x

Borderline changes Jan 19

Moderate/severe dyskaryosis Jul 19

Colposcopy Aug 19 -no abnormality visible. Biopsy taken.

End Aug 19 pre cancerous cells. Awaiting treatment information.

LLETZ performed 10/9/19 - awaiting results


A 25 day super painful period is not fine! Especially after 5 months. I don’t have personal experience as my contraception means I don’t have periods but please go back to your GP (or see a different one) and don’t let them fob you off. Good luck.


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