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Period after LLETZ

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Period after LLETZ

Hello ladies, 

I had my colposcopy in April came back high cell changes and had my first LLETZ procedure last Monday  (13th) I've been to the doctors and got given a round of antibiotics for possible infection, but I'm due for my period, have all the symptoms but it's still not here. Can LLETZ cause late periods, I've been reading up on it and everything says period goes straight back to normal. I have no idea whats going on with my body if that's the case haha 




My period arrived exactly on time. Hurt a bit more than usual but ok. Maybe it could be the anxiety and the stress that is causing a small perturbation, but it's gona arrive.


July 2018- pap LSIL

July 2018- colposcopy: normal

January 2019- pap LSIL

February 2019- colposcopy: CIN2

February 2019- LEEP with CIN2 removed with clear margins

April 2019- pap: LSIL

May 2019- colposcopy: no major atypical cells, flat condyloma found (which I understand is a sub-set of LSIL)

Follow up in 9 months.

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