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Periods after lletz

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Periods after lletz

Hi ladies I had a Lletz procedure done 28/01/21 for cin 2 persistent dyskariosis was discharged with tramadol and told to use that and ibuprofen as I'd be in pain once the anaesthetic wore off but the pain never came at all not even a little bit. I had the tiniest bit of bleeding then very light brownish watery discharge for a few days. My period was due 3 days after the procedure (normally light and lasts 4/5 days) it showed up right on time but wasnt like anything I've experienced before (soaking through an ultra night pad in a little over an hour with massive dark clots then next minute light and super bright fresh looking blood) went to my GP and they took swabs and gave me a week's course of antibiotics saying I had a very small infection, so that horrendous period (or whatever it was) lasted 11 days but again still no pain. 


So this month's period was due 3 days ago and nothing, I'm a bit worried about it because I've always been regular as clockwork. Have tried calling the clinic no answer and to be honest I didn't get much info before or after the procedure.


Has anyone had similar experience?

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