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Periods Stopped?

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Periods Stopped?


I was wondering if anyone had experienced that their periods have stopped after treatment?

I had Colposcopy Clinic appointment in April 2020 and had Lletz Treatment to treat CIN3 Abnormal Cells and I have confirmed HPV. I have had a period May and June which was fairly normal for me and now nothing. I am 20 days over due my period... done two pregnancy tests; both were negative (I have the copper coil so I though that would be unlikely).

Having the CIN3 cells has made me very paranoid that there is something wrong. I fully admit that I may be jumping to conclusions, but when it comes to fertility it is quite worrying. I am 28 with no children yet.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. 

A x


Jan 20 - Smear and confirmed HPV

Feb 20 - Punch Biopsy (inclonclusive results)

April 20 - Cone Biopsy and Lletz Treatment 

Confirmed CIN3 Abnormal Cells and HPV 


Hi Ashleigh, 

I would probably reach out to your gynae about this. However in alot of cases there can be many reasons for periods being late etc. For example my periods range from being 45 days apart....and now I'm bleeding again 2 weeks after my last period! 

For me, I have gained some weight in lockdown which hasn't helped, and I am massively stressed out with enough issues to fill a talk show for about a month. 

Download an app that helps you track your periods or any spotting, cramps etc so if you do to back to the doctor's you have something to show them. 

Good luck x 


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Abnormal smear, HPV detected 29.01.19

Colposcopy 18.02.19

Lletz procedure and biospy 11.03.19

CC diagnosis 21.03.19 Adenocarcinoma Stage 1 

25.04.19 Further Lletz and laprascopic lymphadenectomy

October 2019 - NED :) 

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