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Persistent hpv will it lead to cancer?

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Persistent hpv will it lead to cancer?

Hi. I hope someone can give me some advice please. I have been having abnormal smears for 11 years, been told I have high risk hpv, I been going to colposcopy every 6 months since 2008 but never had any treatment as it’s gone up to CIN1 then reverted to borderline, so Dr has never treated. Just had my first smear in 3 years (as had one just after birth of second child and Dr said to put me on 3 yearly as it was just abnormal at my last colposcopy in 2016) but surprise surprise it’s now come back abnormal and I have to go to colposcopy again! Does having the hpv infection for long mean I will eventually get cancer or cervix or other areas that hpv is related to? Thanks.


That sounds annoying. 

Unfortunately, currently there is no way to tell which women with HPV will go on to develop cancer and which won’t. It doesn’t mean you will eventually get cancer but it does put you at higher risk than someone who clears their HPV in a few months. 

They are monitoring you closely though and, as cell changes develop slowly, they will pick up any worsening of your cells (if it happens) at a stage before it gets to cancer.


Hey, I am in a similar situation, my body is just not fighting back at the moment. I am awaiting my send colposcopy for a biopsy this year. It may sound a bit strange but I am just trying accupuncture weekly and some chinese herbal tablets, also massivly changed my diet and trying to exercise more, i think a strong immunity will help beat this thing once and for all.

The practioner gave me lots of advise, such as HPV is a damp virus that likes the cold, so he told me to only eat warm food and drink warm drinks, to cut back on sugars and processed foods,  to use a hotwater bottle to keep my tummy and back warm, he said i must keep my body warm at all times. The accupuncture is to correct my blood flow and heal my liver, spleen and kidneys. I dont know if its utter madness but Im willing to give anything a go.


Take care I hope things get better soon

Tracey xx


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