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Please what does this mean

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Please what does this mean

Ive just had my repeat smear after having a colposcopy 6 months ago where i had Lletz done and abnormal cells removed ive just had my repeat smear 2 weeks ago and just got the letter this morning and it says they would like me in next tuesday because of further results please can i ask what does that mean im so worried and upset thankyou x


Hi Violet,

Please try not to worry. This could mean a number of things, it may mean they want you in for a little more treatment or it literally could just mean you have a few more abnormal cells and they want to disscus your treatment going forward.

Try not to get worked up about it, i know its hard as ive been there myself. just wait and see what they say.

Let us know how you get on, thinking of you.



  • 5 June 19 - smear
  • 15 July - High grade dyskaryosis/?invasive carcinoma 
  • 23 July - colposcopy, LLETZ biopsy taken
  • Appointment booked with a consultant on 6th September to discuss results and 2nd LLETZ booked for same day 
  • Stage 1A2 confirmed, unclear margins on biopsy. Unable to perform 2nd LLETZ due to alot of cervix being taken away on previous biopsy.Hysterectomy booked for 15th October

Thankyou so much for teplying it really does mean alot im just so worried as last time it said i had cin2 and cin3 i just thought if it was still that they would say that on the letter but it just says further results its such a worry for us all thankyou again i hope everything turns out good for you Xx


Hey , honestly don’t worry . I had my lletz the other day and my doctor explained that sometimes when your called back it’s jusy to get a closer look . Don’t panic you’ll be fine xx

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