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Polyp removal are these symptoms normal?

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Polyp removal are these symptoms normal?

I’m due to have a polyp on my cervix removed on Wednesday and I’ve had all these symptoms the past two weeks that seem to be getting worse and wondered if anyone had the same and if it’s normal.

So I’ve had heavy bleeding for three months which is what prompted me to go the GP.
They referred me to a Gynaecologist and had a colposcopy he said he can see what looks like a polyp which might be causing the bleeding so I’m having to have it removed although he didn’t 100% confirm that’s what it was but will be going in to have a further look.

In the last two weeks I’ve had severe lower back pain, tummy cramps, stabbing me pains in my uterus and feeling so fatigued. I rang GP they said wasn’t much to suggest with me having my surgery on Wednesday and the hospital just said to ring my GP so I have no clue.

Anyone had anything similar please reply. I’m freaking out at the possibility this isn’t even a polyp and something serious.

I also had CIIN 2 and 3 cells removed last year after going to the GP over the same things heavy bleeding.


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