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Positive LLETZ experience

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Positive LLETZ experience

Hi all,

I was incredibly anxious about my colposcopy after receiving high-grade (moderate) CIN2 results from my first smear test age 25.
I was sent for an urgent referral and spent 2 weeks not being able to think about anything else, and crying a lot.

I had my colposcopy yesterday, and the LLETZ treatment was done at the same time. It was SO SO much better than I expected and I want to share my experience to other anxious people reading this forum.

I had a few local anaesthetic injections first which I couldn't even feel and I am AWFUL with injections (almost always faint). Then I had the LLETZ (loop excision) shortly after and I couldn't feel anything at all by this point. I had very minor bleeding afterwards and I've had cramps since but only similar to bad period pains.

I hope this helps anyone that is feeling anxious and upset ahead of their LLETZ treatment. It is very scary leading up to the treatment but you will walk away feeling so great that you have removed the bad cells out of your body.



Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am due to have LLETZ on Monday and feeling rather anxious (although the nurses were so reassuring at the biopsy)! 

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