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Possibly cancerous at colposcopy

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Possibly cancerous at colposcopy

Hi. I had my colposcopy yesterday following an abnormal smear which was ? Glandular neoplasia as the abnormal result. They carried out a loop and cone biopsy under local anaesthetic. I wasn’t given much information and felt like I was being rushed out really but at first she mentioned cgin and she took away what she could but looked early cancerous? Would she know this by looking? Or would she mean pre cancerous? If she can tell by looking then why would we need a biopsy?? I’m so confused because then in the next breath she said she could only see CIN3 which I know is totally different to cgin. I’m so confused by all this as if I wasn’t worried enough I’ve come away being more worried. She said to wait for biopsy results and they will be back in 4-6 weeks. Does this mean I have cancer!? I’m so scared and worried. I’m on my last month of maternity leave and I feel like this has put a complete downer on it and is ruining my last month off work with my little boy. I just totally wasn’t expecting an abnormal smear as they’ve always been fine. Any help or advice would be great. Xx




Hi Mrs Smith


I’m new to this like you are so I cant give expert advice, but as far as I know they can’t tell before they’ve analysed the biopsy whether the cells are cancerous. I’m sorry they rushed you out - that must have been stressful. I do know from the leaflets that even if you do have early stage cancerous cells that 95% of the time that the cone biopsy will remove all of the cancerous cells. I would encourage you to call back and speak to a nurse if you didn’t get adequate information at your appointment. The nurses are so helpful and they wouldn’t want you to be worrying.






Thank you for your reply. I did ring and speak to another nurse on Friday who is meant to be ringing me back to read through the notes with me properly. So will just have to wait for that call and biopsy results. I’m struggling with the wait it’s taking over my life. It’s all I can think about x


It has been 2 weeks tomorrow now and I still haven’t received any results. Should I have received them by now as my colposcopy was referred with the 2 week wait, surely my results should come under the same scenario? Would I of heard by now if it was bad news? 


I've had the exact same experience ongoing for the past 7 months and it's a nightmare.  Listen, you may feel like you're helpless buy you are not.  If you smoke, quit now.  Improve your diet to include more cruciferous veg and ask your GP If you're healthy enough to take supplements.

I have been taking ACHH, tumeric supplements and beta glucans and I've also made suppositories to help treat the infection.  I had confirmed CGIN in February and I've just got the all clear and no more tests for one whole year.

My battle may not be over but I feel like at least I've done something to improve my body's ability to recover.  You're not powerless even though you may feel like you are.

It's such a stressful and degrading thing to go through but this community is so supportive and helpful and the doctors know what they're doing.


Best of luck to you ♡

Jan 18 smear test - possible CGIN

Jan 18 colposcopy, cold coagulation, LLETZ - High grade CGIN

Feb 18 transvaginal ultrasound

Feb 18 second LLETZ booked to treat glandular involvement - no clear margins 

Jun 18 colposcopy with smear test - negative hpv result - negative 


Hi, This is encouraging, I have been taking some AHCC supplements, and now ordered active folate. I have low iron and I found out that anemia doesn't help eradicate any infection really. I want to do suppositories but don't know with what. I saw a youtube video, the lady was putting pure lemon and lemongrass essential oils diluted in coconut oil. What were you using for your suppository? And the turmeric supplements, how many capsules and of what strength have you been taking? Am thinking of making my own, with tumeric powder (the one we buy in the groceries stores) and put it in the capsules myslef and swallow them.  Many thanks in advance. 


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