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Post LLETZ bleeding/discharge...when should it stop?

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Post LLETZ bleeding/discharge...when should it stop?

Hi Ladies,

I had LLETZ done on 21 Nov 2019. For 5 days I had minimal cramping or rather some weird discomfort, like being sore after a core workout and some very light yellowish, brownish discharge during some of the days without a smell. I could manage with panty liners.
On day 6 I started bleeding a bit, looked like fresh blood but way less then period bleeding. Now I am on day 10 and I still have a pinkish watery discharge (looks like a mix of blood and some transparent discharge), worse/more in the mornings after I get up from a resting position, but still present during the day, still less than the regular period amount.
I don't have cramps, fever, there is no foul smell. I took the day after my procedure off and was resting for 48 afterwards, I work in IT and could do home office last week, my husband did our groceries and cleaning, I did not work out or lift heavy to compromise the healing.
My doctor originally told me that the whole procedure will mean 7-10 days of bleeding max and he really acted like it was no big deal at all, I got scheduled for a 6 weeks check-up, being told to only come in in the meantime if there are infection related symptoms or the bleeding gets out of control (more than period amount).
Should I worry about this discharge I am having? Is it normal to have mild but constant bleeding outside periods after LLETZ? Did anyone else experience this? If you had bleeding for more than 3 weeks, did you still resume everyday activities and sports? I know sex or tampons are no-gos until my 6 weeks check-up, so I am not worried about those, I am an active person and what kills me is taking it easy until the bleeding stops to avoid hemorrhage or infection.



Sounds very normal so far. Although there is a fairly wide range of normal 

This is my experience 

i had watery discharge like yours to start with and started bleeding on day 6. I bled - about the same amount as a period - for about a week and then had a further week of “last day of a period” type staining. 

I cycle everywhere for both transport and for fun. I had a week off my bike. Started back cycling to work on day seven (carefully) and then back to weekend training a week after that taking it a bit easy at first. 

6 weeks after my lletz I took my bike to the Pyrenees and cycled up some of the cols in the Tour de France. 

I didn’t have a 6 week check up but I am booked in for a 6 month test of cure smear in January 


I've been bleeding for a week now (started on the 9th day after my lletz) but think it has now combined with my period for extra fun and games. Hope it doesnt go on much longer frown


Hi ladies,

I've been reading through the forums and wondering if anybody else has experience similar. I'll post my whole story when I hope one day it is complete.

I a LLetz back on 6th September under GA. they removed what was essentially the whole of the surface of my cervix for CIN3. I then haemorrhage when I stood up in recovery was straight back to theatre, bled again loads overnight and was taken back to theatre in the morning and was then stitched. I was signed off work for 6 weeks (job involves manual handling and being on my feet all day) my usually life routine is running and lifting weights daily. 3 months down and I finally stopped bleeding for all of ten days and felt I had some normality back (I actually forgot how happy I am usually). I started bleeding again on Friday, like brown rusty with deep pelvic pain on the right side. I've already been back to clinic twice and been told there is a unhealing area- treated once with silver nitrate and the second time with monsel.

ive been running but not done any weights since continuing to bleed. Exercise has been somewhat of an issue for me in the past which is much better now but being told to 'take it easy' I've really reached my limit. I spent ten days on Hong Kong hiking and running and had to carry my rucksack etc and my cervix survived the week so I'm so frustrated I've started bleeding again.

rhe hospital have been great and have booked me in regularly. 
many similar experiences? Did you still exercise with bleeding? I'm worried this is going to reach 9 months and I cannot mentally cope with that I feel.

im 29 and just want to feel back to normal and start looking forward to a new year!

rhanks in advance!


rhian x

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